Staying on a houseboat had me nervous. I saw it as a form of camping on water ………. I’m not a camper ( not even a glamper), but I do love the water.  I was assured there would be no spiders or sleeping bags involved, but the promise of pure luxury, floating under the stars of Georgetown, Maine. 

‘Nancy Lou’

I signed up on the spot. The ‘Nancy Lou’ houseboat was ours for the next four days.

Anchored out in Riggs Cove, the pastel blue tugboat seemed to be dancing with the current. I could see why ‘Condé Nast magazine ‘ voted her in the top 8 houseboats to experience in the USA. Cooking shows have even used her on tv. She was a bit of a star in her own right.

After a quick knot tying demonstration from the helpful staff at Riggs Cove, we were left with our skiff ( little boat to reach ‘Nancy Lou’) From the second I stepped onboard, I didn’t want to leave. This wasn’t just a houseboat, it was a home ……. a lifestyle that I certainly could become accustomed to. ‘Nancy Lou’ was fully loaded – a sanctuary of nautical perfection!

Practicing knots

Fully equipped – everything from DVD players ( ‘Jaws’ movie provided), to lobster pots. We aquired fresh lobster from passing Lobstermen, cooked it up in the galley,and ate out on deck at sunset, along with a crisp local wine.

The ‘Nancy Lou’ has a rooftop sun deck for those cocktail parties, or simply topping up on that tan. There’s also kayaks to explore the beautiful coves and waterways.

‘Nancy Lou’ is constantly visited by a friendly seal, chasing fish that seem to fly out from the clear water. Such a sociable seal, he almost joined us on deck for breakfast.

I could have just stayed on board this little boat for the full four days, but Riggs Cove, and Georgetown have so much to offer. Riggs Cove has a little library that looks like it’s stepped out of a summer camp movie, rustic and stacked to the ceiling with old nautical books. They even have a beautiful verandah covered restaurant serving the freshest seafood and local beer.  Five miles down the road will lead you to a local legend  – ‘Five Islands Lobster Company’ ……. here, you can literally choose your lobster direct from the incoming boats, and have it delivered to your plate within 20 minutes!

Nothing fresher!

‘Five Islands Lobster Company’
Five Islands

if you’d like to explore a little further away, a visit to Portland, Maine is a must. The beautiful lighthouse and Portland Lobster Company, if you really want to test your lobster tolerance!

With four blissful days on the ‘Nancy Lou’, only a few hours were spent on land …… by choice ……. unplugged from wifi, surrounded by the most breathtaking landscape Maine had on offer. Pure serenity – just the sound of water lapping against the boat, jazz softly playing in the background and negronis in hand. This was on repeat day after day.  A floating home away from home I will definitely be returning to.

Brunch on deck
Local clams cooked in the galley